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Magnum Ammunition
Mag Ammo
Special Feature(s)

Increases all firearm damage by 25%

Unlocked At

Level 15

Customization Slot


"A considerably heavier bullet, its mass and elevated muzzle velocity provides greater damage and increased range."
— In-game description

Magnum Ammunition (MGNM AM), commonly abrreviated to Magnum Ammo, is a specialization featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and is unlocked at Rank 15. It increases all firearm damage by 25%.

Magnum Ammunition is canceled out by Ceramic Body Armor, because Ceramic Body Armor gives a health increase while Magnum Ammunition gives a damage increase.

Contrary to common belief, Magnum Ammunition does not affect bullet drop,[1] nor does it create vapor trails.[2] It also increases the damage of the Flamethrower, despite the Flamethrower not being a projectile weapon.


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