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For the similarly named naval vessel, see Mark V Patrol Boat
Mark V IRL

A "Male" Mark V tank, with 6-Pounder gun sponsons. The "Female" variant was armed with machine guns in their place.

The Mark V was a British tank of World War I. An upgrade of the Mark IV, the vehicle featured an epicyclic gear steering system that made it the first British heavy tank that required just one man to drive it, in addition to a more powerful engine and an extra machine gun mount to the rear of the hull. 400 were built in total; 200 of each "sex", although several were modified to become "hermaphrodites" with one "male" (cannon) and one "female" (machine gun) sponsons.

The tank first saw action in July 1918 during the Battle of Hamel, going on to participate in eight major offensives before the war's end. Approximately 70 were sent to support the White Russian forces in the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War and in the British North Russia Campaign. Most were subsequently captured by the Red Army.

Battlefield 1Edit

Mark V
Vehicle armor Heavy
Vehicle speed Low
Vehicle maneuverability Low
Squad Support Landship
Vehicle passengers • 1 driver
• 4 gunners
(5 total)
Special features • Driver can dispense ammunition and medical supply cases
Main weapon Hotchkiss Mle. 1909
• Rear-facing HMG (Seat 1)
Passenger weapon • 57mm HE cannon
• 57mm case cannon (Seat 2, 3)
Second passenger weapon Hotchkiss Mle. 1909 MG
(Seat 4, 5)
Countermeasures Track Repair
Tank Hunter Landship
Vehicle passengers • 1 driver
• 2 gunners
(3 total)
Main weapon Tankgewehr M1918
(Seat 1)
Passenger weapon • 57mm AT cannon
• 57mm case cannon (Seat 2, 3)
Countermeasures Gas Emitter
Emergency Repair
"Considered the first tank in modern war, a tracked breakthrough tool. It comes fitted with machine guns and two six-pounder cannons mounted on the side sponsons, to enable the crew to fire into the trench it is crossing."
— In-game description
The Mark V is a tank featured in Battlefield 1. The Mark V is classified as a landship—a ground vehicle capable of crossing trenches unaided.

The driver has access to a Hotchkiss Mle. 1909 machine gun or Tankgewehr M1918, and may also have a rear-facing machine gun, depending on loadout. A variant carrying a light mortar has also been seen in trailers. The driver may also deploy ammo and medic crates for supporting nearby infantry, or poison gas for hindering enemy infantry.

Two passengers each occupy their own sponsons—compartments on the side of the tank containing a 6-pounder 57mm gun. They fire either high explosive or anti-tank rounds depending on variant. Secondary canister shell ammunition is also available. Each turret provides around 90° of coverage, from straight ahead to each respective side. The cannons converge some distance ahead of the tank, allowing overlapping fire along with the driver. Two additional passengers armed with machine guns may also be present at each rear side. Because each gun position has limited coverage, the driver must coordinate with gunners to maintain effective fire.

Players may enter the tank either from the side, into one of the sponson doors; or from the rear, climbing on top of the vehicle and into the top hatch.

Along with the tank treads, damage can be inflicted on each sponson, temporarily disabling their weapon. Other damage targets remain to be seen. The Mark V is vulnerable to attack from above and sometimes behind, where it cannot immediately retaliate.



• Because the treads wrap entirely around the tank, a Mark V that has somehow managed to be flipped can potentially right itself if terrain allows.[1] It will, however, take constant damage while upside-down, as with most every ground vehicle.


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