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Mars Automatic Pistol IRL

A Mars Automatic Pistol in reality

The Mars Automatic Pistol was a semi-automatic pistol developed in 1900 by Hugh Gabbet-Fairfax and distributed by Mars Automatic Pistol Syndicate Ltd. Manufacture ceased in 1907. It used a unique long recoil rotating bolt action which ejected spent cartridges straight to the rear, and the feed mechanism is unusual in that it pulls cartridges backwards out of the magazine and then lifts them up into the breech face.

The Mars Automatic Pistol was rejected by the British War Office as a possible replacement for the Webley & Scott revolver because of the unacceptably large recoil, considerable muzzle flash, and mechanical complexity. It has since become a collectors' item because of its rarity and as an example of the earliest developments in semi-automatic pistols.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

The Mars Automatic is a weapon set to be featured in Battlefield 1.[2]


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