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Martini-Henry IRL

The Martini-Henry in reality

The Martini-Henry is a single-shot, breech-loaded, lever-actuated falling block rifle that was designed in 1870 and used throughout the British Empire for thirty years. First produced in 1871, the Martini-Henry rifle was developed as a replacement for the earlier Snider-Enfield, a muzzle-loading rifle converted to use cartridges.

Although production of the Martini-Henry ended in 1889, the rifle was still used by the British Empire until the end of World War I. Some rifles have even seen use in recent years, sometimes found in the hands of Afghan tribesmen and insurgents.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

"A breech-loading, single-shot rifle firing a heavy black powder cartridge. It was used during the Zulu, Boer wars and World War I."
— In-game description

The Martini-Henry is a manually-operated rifle featured in Battlefield 1, carried by the Scout class.

Firing the large caliber .577/450 Martini–Henry cartridge, it is comparable to the SMLE MKIII in performance, inflicting fatal damage between 30–80 meters and retaining 70 damage at range. Its muzzle velocity is lowest among Scout rifles, save for the M1903 Springfield "Experimental" variant. The Martini-Henry has a characteristically dull report from its black powder propellant.

As a single-shot weapon, its reload speed limits the maximum possible fire rate to 24 rounds/minute, making it a challenging weapon to use at close range. Little to no customization is available for the weapon, and a single "Infantry" preset is available. It features a unique ironsight with green radium markings. Hipfire performance is consistent with other Scout rifles not geared for such use.



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