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Martini-Henry IRL

The Martini-Henry in reality

The Martini-Henry is a single-shot, breech-loaded, lever-actuated falling block rifle that was designed in 1870 and used throughout the British Empire for thirty years. First produced in 1871, the Martini-Henry rifle was developed as a replacement for the earlier Snider-Enfield, a muzzle-loading rifle converted to use cartridges.

Although production of the Martini-Henry ended in 1889, the rifle was still used by the British Empire until the end of World War I. Some rifles have even seen use in recent years, sometimes found in the hands of Afghan tribesmen and insurgents.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

The Martini-Henry is a rifle set to be featured in Battlefield 1 for the Cavalry kit. [2]


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