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McManus Single Player
Appearances Battlefield 1 Icon Battlefield 1
Affiliation British Army
Weapon Auto Revolver
Status WIA
"Jesus...are we in safe hands or not, boys?"
— McManus criticizes the inexperienced Edwards during the opening of Through Mud and Blood.

McManus is an Irish character featured in the campaign of Battlefield 1. He's one of the two gunners manning the Mark V nicknamed "Black Bess", appearing in the chapter Through Mud and Blood.


McManus is the ill-tempered Irish left-side gunner of the "Black Bess". Mistrustful and vocal, he verbally chastises the newly assigned and nakedly inexperienced driver Edwards upon their meeting, and again when he stalls the tank after taking the controls for the first time. Each time he is pacified by Finch and Townsend respectively, who are willing to give Edwards a chance to prove himself. Based on remarks made on McManus' presumed non-participation upon the promise of "wine, women and song" waiting for the crew in Cambrai, it is possible he is married or does not drink. He is also seen to be religious - a rosary and crucifix hanging by his weapon station denotes him as a Catholic Christian.

In a later sequence shown in the gameplay trailer, McManus is seen defending the tank with both his 6-pounder cannon and service pistol after the tank is immobilized and assaulted by German infantry. He shouts that Edwards' actions "will get [them] all killed" before the latter is dazed by a gunshot next to his ear.


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