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Trijicon RM01 RMR

The Trijicon RMR in reality.

The Trijicon RMR is a Red Dot Sight typically utilized on small caliber weapons due to the recoil of heavier caliber pistols as well as the optic's small size and simple design.

It appears in Battlefield 4 as a sidearm optic called the Mini (RDS).

Battlefield 4Edit

"American compact red dot sight designed to be mounted on pistols. Makes target acquisition and tracking easier."

— Battlelog description

Only available in multiplayer, the Mini (RDS) is a sidearm exclusive red dot sight featured in Battlefield 4. It is the second optic unlocked for sidearms after the Ghost Ring Sight, requiring 50 kills to obtain, and is one of two red dot sights available to sidearms, the other being the Delta (RDS).

Compared to the Delta, the Mini uses a single red dot as a crosshair, like the Reflex and Coyote sights, whereas the Delta uses a red triangle. The Mini's frame is also much larger and thicker than the Delta's, which can aid in focusing on the target, but can potentially obscure a target as well. Besides these differences, the two sights are identical in function and zoom, leaving the choice between the two up to personal preference.

Battlefield Hardline Edit

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This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.

The Mini (RDS) is an attachment set to appear in Battlefield Hardline.

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Trijicon Official Website

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