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The Minimap is a miniature map, visible on the player's HUD.

The minimap's view is centered on the player, and is oriented the same direction the player faces (though some games have an option to prevent minimap rotation).

On PC versions of Battlefield games, the  N  key is used to change the minimap's zoom level, and the  M  key is used to view a larger version of the map as an overlay.

Along with other HUD elements, the minimap is not visible when playing in Hardcore mode.

Unfortunately, there is no minimap size between large and small.

Map iconsEdit

Various icons are visible on the map:

In general, blue icons identify friendly forces, green icons identify squadmates, red icons identify spotted enemy forces, and white/gray icons identify empty vehicles or locations. The player's own icon is orange.

In Battlefield 2 and 2142, squad leaders are identified with circled numbers. The team's commander is identified by a star icon.

In Battlefield 3, squad leaders have a star icon beside their personal icon and beside any icons for active gadgets they have deployed.

Although console versions of Battlefield games do not allow view of the large minimap or zooming on the small minimap, the menu screen does provide the full map view.


  • The minimap of Battlefield 3 reacts to weapon recoil. This is especially noticeable when looking straight up, where firing a weapon can cause the minimap to rotate 180 degrees around and vibrate rapidly.

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