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The Mitchell AV-18 is a rocket launcher in Battlefield 2142. This anti-vehicle weapon was developed in response to advances in vehicle armor design. It has the ability perforate even the toughest armor by replacing standard HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) rockets with heavier, superplastic multi-warhead rockets that can cause extensive damage to any armored vehicle.

Battlefield 2142Edit

In Battlefield 2142, the Mitchell AV-18 is the standard rocket launcher of the European Union Army and is issued to the Engineer Kit. With each shot of the Mitchell, four rockets are fired and can be directed at the player's target as they travel in a tight group. Each rocket alone does less damage than the Pan-Asian Coalition Army Sudnik VP, but together they all do the same damage as the Sudnik.

On rare occasions, it is possible for each separate rocket to hit different targets, though this is only possible when using "untrained" fire, and on targets that are generally in line with the targeting reticule. This behavior, along with the launcher's ability to instantly kill infantry make the Mitchell very dangerous against tight infantry formations.


  • The Mitchell SAAW 86 shares the same model as the Mitchell AV-18 but has a darker carrying handle and butt-stock and slightly darker body. It also has a blue LCD display on the barrel while the AV-18 does not.


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