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For the Codex Entry, see Modello 1915 Pistol (Codex Entry)
Beretta M15 IRL

A Beretta M15 in reality

The Beretta M1915 was a semi-automatic pistol designed in Italy by Tullio Marengoni, and accepted into service with the Italian Army in 1915. The pistol, which used the 9mm Glisenti round, was developed at the request of the military after problems concerning cartridge power and reliability were found with the first automatic handgun in Italian service - the Glisenti Model 1910. Due to the demand for weapons after Italy entered World War I in 1915, the Beretta pistol was manufactured in high numbers alongside the earlier Model 1910. The weapon received some improvements post-war in 1919 and 1923, with its numerous variants serving as the standard service pistol in the Italian Army between 1923 and 1945.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

"Designed with simplicity in mind, with an 8 round detachable magazine the M1915 was adopted by the Italian army going into WW1."
— In-game description

The Modello 1915 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1[2].

Single playerEdit

The player starts the O Tutti Accoppati section of the war story Avanti Savoia! with one as their secondary weapon.


In multiplayer is only usable by the Support kit.

The Modello 1915 fills the role of low-damage, high rate-of-fire pistol for the Support kit. It is almost identical to the Frommer Stop, 1903 Hammerless and Taschenpistole M1914 in this regard.


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