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A Modified Choke is a choke that is 0.020 inches smaller in diameter than the bore of the shotgun barrel, tightening the shot and improving accuracy at moderate ranges.

Battlefield 4Edit

Modified Choke
BF4 modchoke
Unlocked at Default (Shorty 12G)

110 Kills (Pump-action Shotguns)
120 Kills (Semi-automatic Shotguns)

Special feature(s) *Moderately tightens pellet spread while ADS.
"Moderately tightens the shot spread for improved Accuracy, but has penalities [sic] for Stability and Hip Fire as well. Not recommended with Slugs."

— Battlelog description

The Modified Choke is a weapon attachment featured in Battlefield 4. It moderately tightens the spread of buckshot or flechettes and, as a result, improves the ADS accuracy of a shotgun over the standard barrel, but not as much as the Full Choke.

As with any shotgun choke, the Modified Choke adds an increase to recoil and worsens hipfire accuracy, but not to the extent of the Full Choke, allowing hipfire to remain viable in closer engagements.

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