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A Mondragon in reality

The Mondragón rifle is a Mexican semi-automatic rifle introduced in 1908, and was based on two earlier straight-pull bolt-action rifles. Manufactured by SIG of Switzerland, the weapon equipped both the Mexican and Imperial German armies. In the service of the latter, the Germans found reliability to be a concern in the muddy terrain encountered by the Infantry, and so it was instead issued to the Flying Corps, where it was used by air crews until sufficient numbers of machine guns equipped with synchronization gear was available.

Battlefield 1Edit

"The Mondragon was the first self-loading rifle to be adopted by a military on a large scale"
— In-game description

Two variants of the Mondragon are featured in Battlefield 1 for the Medic kit.

Among the Medic's available weapons, the Mondragon offers better accuracy and control at long range, but a lower rate of fire and lack of automatic fire mode. The Mondragon may use a 2× optic with good field of view and sharp-etched lines. Much of its damage is retained downrange, and muzzle velocity is also high. 5-round charger clips are used for reloading.

It was first seen during the EA play livestream.

Mondragon ArtilleryEdit

The Mondragon Artillery is equipped with a foregrip, a bayonet, and a magnified leaf sight.

Mondragon MarksmanEdit

The Mondragon Marksman variant of the Mondragon is fitted with a bipod, a bayonet and a medium-power scope.


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