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Monte Grappa is a map which appears in Battlefield 1.[1] The map is set in the final Italian offensive of the Battle of Vittorio Veneto during the Third Battle of Monte Grappa, where Italian forces attack the Austro-Hungarian defenses in 1918.


Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces meet at an Alpine pass, fighting at two elevations. The Italians start from the northern end ascending from a lower valley. The Austro-Hungarians hold a fortress at the southern end.

Two fortress guns are situated above the main thoroughfare. At center, vehicles may take a tunnel through to each side.


The Behemoth of this map is the Airship L30. Compared to its loft high above St. Quentin Scar, the Airship is closer to ground at some points and easily overflown.

Control PointsEdit


Control Point Conquest Domination Rush Operations Frontlines
Italian Deployment BF1 Kingdom of Italy Icon
San Rocco Church BF1 Kingdom of Italy Icon
BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 BF1 Pilot Icon 3
Sector 1
BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 BF1 Pilot Icon 2 • BF1 Pilot Icon 2
BF1 Kingdom of Italy Icon
Girardi's Stable A BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 2B
Girardi's Lower Cottage 2A A
Hillside B
San Rocco Turret B BF1 Pilot IconBF1 Sentry Icon 3B C
Seren Gallery/Mountain Pass C 3A
BF1 Light Armor Icon
Mocheni Turret D BF1 Pilot IconBF1 Sentry Icon 4B E
Luca's Cottage E BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 4A
Luca's Stable 4C F
Mocheni Supply Bunker 5A G
Matteo's Bridge BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon
BF1 Light Armor Icon 2 BF1 Pilot Icon 3
Ferro Fortress A 6 BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon
Gallery Entrance B
Cecchini Trenches C
Austro-Hungarian Deployment BF1 Austro-Hungarian Empire Icon

Italian DeploymentEdit

San Rocco Edit

San Rocco Church Edit

Small church with trench lines cut into its graveyard. Parts of the tower and roof are destroyed, revealing a platform accessible by staircase.

Girardi's Stable Edit
Girardi's Lower Cottage Edit
Hillside Edit

A rocky outcrop to the west of the church that often serves as a partition between snipers on either team. Though in range of the San Rocco Turret, the outcrops provide some cover for those ascending the slope.

San Rocco Turret Edit

Fortress Gun bunker on the Italian side of the pass.

On conquest, a QF 1 AA will appear outside across a footpath.

Seren Gallery/Mountain Pass Edit

A large tunnel bored into the mountainside. Gallery rooms have been added to the tunnel for storage of munitions, with a smaller tunnel leading out to the east. The main room has three locking doors. The main road gives a very long sight line—lighting differences often favor those attacking from outside. Players must be inside the gallery to capture it.

On Frontlines, this point is named Mountain Pass.

Mocheni Edit

Mocheni Turret Edit

Fortress Gun bunker on the Austro-Hungarian side of the pass. The interior layout is slightly more complex, offering more hiding places than at the San Rocco Turret.

Luca's Cottage Edit

Residence with a small line of trenches and a redoubt for lookouts.

Luca's Stable Edit

Long building on the opposite side of the road.

Mocheni Supply Bunker Edit

T-shaped underground structure at the end of a trench network.

Matteo's Bridge Edit

Stone bridge leading towards the Fortress.

Ferro Edit

Cecchini Trenches Edit

Trenchwork along the hill leading up to the fortress.

Gallery Entrance Edit

Low entrance with underground stairways that provides access to the center of the fortress.

Ferro Fortress Edit

Fortification consisting of two main buildings.

Austro-Hungarian DeploymentEdit


Monte Grappa's five flags are arranged in a staggered line. Three are in the valley, and the two fortress guns are the remaining objectives.


Each team is provided with two heavy armor and three airplanes. Each of the deployments and lower flags spawns a motorcycle. Additional armored vehicles can be deployed from the two outer valley flags.

AA guns are located at each of the high flags, and a pair at each deployment. The high flags each contain a Fortress Gun, a Sentry kit (occasionally using the Villar Perosa, and an airplane spawn.


Domination is fought in and around Ferro Fortress.



Monte Grappa is the first map in Iron Walls in Operations. It portrays an Italian assault upon the Ferro Fortress at the end of the map. The Royal Italian Army must attack along a road up the valley, occasionally clearing bunkers on its flanks. Air support includes the Airship, appearing if the first wave is unsuccessful.

Sector 1 - The Church of San RoccoEdit

The first sector has one objective: (A) the San Rocco Church. The capture zone extends significantly outside of the church building on the attackers' side, making a contested capture possible.

The Italians begin the match with two tanks and two planes, while the Austrians receive only the pair of planes and must rely on whatever gear they are kitted with to engage the tanks. If the Italian tanks push too hard, they may fall prey to the field guns at Girardi's Cottage and Stable.

Sector 2 - Girardi's HomesteadEdit

The second sector has two objectives. The first is (A) Girardi's Lower Cottage, a small building near the edge of the cliff. The second is (B) Girardi's Stable, a pair of buildings near the road. Both objectives have a QF 1pdr AA emplacement and a FK 96 Field Gun. Between the two objectives is a Maxim Machine Gun nest, and another Maxim MG is present at Girardi's Stable.

Sector 3 - Valle Di Seren Edit

The third sector has two objectives. The first is (A) the Seren Gallery, a fortified mountain tunnel on the main road. The second is (B) the San Rocco Turret, a fortified bunker complex high on the mountain. The San Rocco Turret's capture zone includes the area on top of the bunker, allowing capture even if the bunker has not been cleared. It also has an eponymous Fortress Gun, as well as another AA emplacement and a Maxim MG in the trenches to the Northwest. The Seren Gallery is only defended by a FK 96 Field Gun, but requires the attacking team to be in the tunnel in order to capture it.

At the Valle Di Seren, the Austrians are reinforced with a tank.

Sector 4 - Luca's HomesteadEdit

The fourth sector has three objectives. The first is (A) Luca's Cottage, a fortified cottage at the bottom of the valley. The second is (B) the Mocheni Turret, another fortified bunker complex high on the mountain. The third is (C) Luca's Stable, an area off the main road which includes a small building and the surrounding area. Like the San Rocco Turret, the Mocheni Turret has a Fortress Gun and the capture zone extends to the ground above the bunker, again allowing capture without first clearing the bunker. The other point of interest is the QF 1pdr AA gun at Luca's Cottage.

Sector 5 - The Fortress ApproachEdit

The fifth sector has two objectives. The first is (A) the Mocheni Supply Bunker, a small bunker with an extended trench system. The second is (B) Matteo's Bridge, a bridge across the dry river bed at the base of the Fortress. The Mocheni Supply Bunker has a pair of locking doors with viewing ports, which can make a direct assault on the bunker problematic, but the capture zone does extend into the trench system, again allowing capture without clearing the bunker first. The Mocheni Supply Bunker is also defended by a Maxim MG position in the trenches. Matteo's Bridge is defended by a Maxim MG, a FK 96 Field Gun and a QF 1pdr AA.

Sector 6 - Fortress FerroEdit

The sixth and final sector has a single objective: (A) The Ferro Fortress. The Ferro Fortress is protected by a large wall that must be circumnavigated by the attackers to gain access to the capture zone. There are three gates in the wall, a main gate to the north side, another to the west, and a third smaller doorway to the southwest; all can be destroyed with explosives. Additionally, there is a tunnel that leads directly into the bottom of the fortress. There are two concrete tunnel entrances about halfway up the fortress' hill, though there are many locking metal doors which may require explosives to breach. Finally, the concrete wall itself can be breached in several places with enough explosives. The Ferro Fortress is defended by three QF 1pdr AA guns, two FK 96 Field Guns, and a Maxim MG position, although all but one AA gun and the MG are located outside of the wall and are more useful for defending the fortress approach than for defending the fortress itself.

After capturing the Ferro Fortress, the operation will progress to Empire's Edge.


The Lupkow Pass Update in August 2017 added Monte Grappa to the Frontlines gamemode.

It is currently the largest map, with combat occurring over seven flags. The fortress guns do not appear in this gamemode.



  • In the game files this map is named MP_MountainFort.
  • Prior to its introduction in They Shall Not Pass, a BL 9.2 Siege Gun can be found on this map near the Church of San Rocco.[2]
  • An early patch changed Operations to make the bunker objectives easier to capture. Before the patch, the bunkers had to be captured from inside. Though difficult for attackers, the task could be made simpler by having the airship destroyed directly above the bunker, potentially allowing its carcass to wipe out any defenders underground.
  • The map differs significantly from its appearance in "O Tutti Accoppati", which has more valley buildings, and lacks the Mocheni Turret.
  • The compass indicates that the Italians approach from the north and the Austro-Hungarians from the south, opposite of their real-life territories.
  • The locations Luca's Cottage, Luca's Stable, Luca's Homestead and Matteo's Bridge are likely named after singleplayer characters Luca Vincenzo Cocchiola and Matteo Cocchiola.
  • The layout of the map appears to have been inspired by the layout of the Falzarego Pass in the Dolomites.[3]