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For examples of mortars used in other games, see Mortar

The Granatenwerfer 16 was a German grenade launching device that functioned like a mortar. It was used during the trench warfare stages of World War I. Instead of dropping into a launch tube, each Wurfgranate 15 grenade was placed on a rod containing a firing pin activated by pulling a lanyard. The Granatenwerfer 16 supplemented the light mortars (minenwerfer) also in use at the time.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Granatenwerfer 16 appears in Battlefield 1 as a Support gadget. It was first shown in the "Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series: Weapons" trailer.

It is expected to function similarly to the manually-operated M224 Mortar seen in Battlefield 3, albeit with somewhat decreased range. Shells will take a ballistic path similar to that seen in Battlefield 4, although the addition of projectile drag should cause mortar shells to descend more vertically.

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