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For other examples of mortars used throughout the series, see Mortar
Granatenwerfer 16 IRL
The Granatenwerfer 16 was a German grenade launching device that functioned like a mortar. It was used during the trench warfare stages of World War I. Instead of dropping into a launch tube, each Wurfgranate 15 grenade was placed on a rod containing a firing pin activated by pulling a lanyard. The Granatenwerfer 16 supplemented the light mortars (minenwerfer) also in use at the time.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Granatenwerfer 16 appears in Battlefield 1 as a gadget for the Support. It was first shown in the Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series: Weapons Trailer.

There are two types of shell: Airburst which explode mid-air and damages infantry in a wide radius; and HE which damages infantry, buildings, and vehicles in a smaller radius.

While functioning similar to the Battlefield 4 variant, it does feature notable differences. Once placed, the player will now go into a third person view with the mini map displayed on the left side of the screen where targets may be chosen. Upon firing, the camera will follow the mortar in order to physically show the player what they hit. This feature can be canceled to allow players to load and fire another mortar immediately and adjust accordingly. On occasion, the user may automatically continue viewing and attacking the target area while shells remain for the task.

The gadget has five available shells in total before entering a cooldown state. Unlike past variants, players do not need to resupply ammunition in order to gain more shells and can instead simply wait for the cooldown to end to resupply.


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