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M1 Mortar

A mortar (M1) in real life.

The M1 Mortar is an American 81mm mortar that fires specialized aerodynamic grenades at a steep angle for long range infantry support in combat. It was first used in World War II and served in the US Army until the 1950s when it was phased out by the lighter M29 Mortar. It has a range of about 4,000 yards and usually is crewed by five soldiers that can give it a sustained rate of fire of almost 16 rounds per minute.

The Type 63 Mortar is a Chinese copy of the Russian PM-40 50mm mortar. Its name comes from the length of the barrel, 63cm. It fires aerodynamic grenades in a steep arc to bombard targets from above without direct line of sight to the target. Usually operated by a four or five man crew, the mortar can be operated by as little as one soldier, as it weighs just 12.1kg (26.7lbs).

Battlefield VietnamEdit

The Mortar is used as an option for the Engineer Kits. It is very useful in harassing enemies and providing support at long ranges, as the shell's explosive radius is quite large and can be fired at practically any position on the map. The M1 can even be used against vehicles to some extent, if placed at an angle. It's also possible to use the mortar against helicopters, although a lot of practice is required.

The mortar behaves like any other vehicle; it takes damage from enemy fire and explodes when its health is depleted (if a player was manning the mortar at the time, he will be killed as well). It can also be entered by any player and can be repaired and resupplied by ammo boxes.

The path taken by the mortar shell is less like an actual mortar and more like the high lob of a hand grenade. Visually, the shell never ascends higher than 1/3 of the way down the player's screen. It can be treated much like a fast falling tank shell.

World War II modEdit

In the Battlefield Vietnam: World War II Mod, the Mortars are issued to the Japanese and American Heavy Assault instead of the Engineer as their secondary equipment choice. They use same models from base game, and are same in operation.