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Not to be confused with the Support kit Mortar

Battlefield 1Edit

Two Mortars are featured as Specializations in Battlefield 1 via the Mortar Package and Armored Mortar Package. Similar to the mobile mortar, players can fire exploding shells at areas to spread the intended effect of the mortar.

For Armored Trucks, Airburst shells are the primary ammunition type, and are designed to inflict damage against groups of infantry. The artillery truck's shells inflict up to 80 damage. Two other ammunition types are available, with a pair of shells fired for each, provided on a longer timer. Smoke shells can be used to provide cover to friendly players at a distance. Gas shells can be used for area control. The mortar truck can fire in a complete circle around itself.

For Landships, Heavy shells are the sole armament, inflicting greater damage, but with a much longer reload. It has a limited sector of fire facing towards the front of the landship.


  • During the Battlefield 1 beta, HE shells were available for the artillery truck, making its loadout more distinct.
  • The heavy mortar on the Landship appears to be a 4 inch Stokes Mortar.