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A roadside Mustard Gas bomb detonating in northern Iraq

Sulfur Mustard, commonly known as Mustard Gas, is a chemical warfare agent with cytotoxic and vesicant properties. While not overtly lethal, the gas is severely debilitating, causing severe blisters, chemical burns, temporary blindness due to eyelid swelling, and internal bleeding if inhaled. Mustard Gas saw wide use during the First World War, first introduced by the German Empire in July 1917 at Ypres, and was commonly used as an area denial weapon. It and other chemical agents' use in the war lead to the introduction of Gas Masks for military use, and its use in warfare was later internationally outlawed by both the 1925 Geneva Protocol and the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.

Battlefield 1Edit

Mustard Gas is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1. Its gameplay affects are unknown, but it can be countered with a Gas Mask. The gas cloud appears to spread out over a wide area after detonating. A Mustard Gas attack can be seen during the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer.

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