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No 4 Rifle in real life with bayonet fixed.

The Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I Rifle Short is a variant of the British Lee-Enfield rifles. The first Lee-Enfield models were designed in 1895, the most famous SMLE MKIII was introduced in 1907, but the No 4 variant was designed in 1939 to answer to the need of easily manufactured rifles of the carbine. They were adopted to the British, Canadian, Australian (and other Commonwealth countries). Armed Forces in 1941, where it saw mass-production. Many wartime No. 4 rifles were manufactured in Canada due to a shortage of supplies in Great Britain, and due to the damage caused to British manufacturing by the German Luftwaffe during the Blitz.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The No 4 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1942 as the standard issue rifle for the Engineer kit of the Allies with the exception of the USMC who is issued the M1 Garand and SAS who is issued the Shotgun. Its axis equivalent is the K98K and is identical in terms of stats.

It is a generally reliable rifle, capable of killing in 2 body shots or a single head shot with good accuracy. Recoil is not a problem because the bolt-action function prevents continuous and overwhelming fire. The main problem with the No 4 Rifle is its low rate of fire causing a nuisance for close-quarters, hence, switching to a pistol or knife is advised.

The No4Sniper is a scoped variant of the No 4 rifle. It is issued to the Scout kits of the Allies. It shares the same exact properties as the No 4 rifle with the exception of being more accurate moving, having a faster velocity and having a scope with the downside is a slower rate of fire. The bolt can only be worked out of scoped view; firing will cause the player to unscope and work the bolt.

The No 4 receives a bayonet in The Road to Rome expansion. This can potentially make the rifle more reliable for point-blank engagements.


Battlefield VietnamEdit

The No 4 Sniper is a weapon introduced in the official WWII mod for Battlefield Vietnam as the standard sniper rifle of the USMC for the Scout kit. It can kill with a single round to the head or two to the torso. It reloads one round at a time instead of inserting a clip of five rounds like in the previous game, which means it can be reloaded without the loss of any ammunition at the cost of a long reload.


Battlefield VEdit

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The Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I is featured in Battlefield V. It first appeared in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer in the hands of a female Recon. As of the Open Beta, the Lee-Enfield has a larger magazine capacity and higher fire rate than the Kar98k, but with a lower velocity bullet.


For an explanation of the Weapon Upgrades system in Battlefield V, see Weapon Upgrades.
Rank Left Middle Right
Rank 1 Quick Deploy
Rank 2 Improved Moving Accuracy
Rank 3 Quick Aim Bipod
Rank 4 Faster Movement While Aiming Variable Zeroing
Rank 5 Quick Cycle Bayonet Long Range Bullet



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