Operation Aurora
Cold War
Operation Aurora

Battlefield BC2 ICON Battlefield: Bad Company 2


Somewhere near the Sea of Japan


6 October 1944


Rendezvous with Japanese Defector:

  • Secure Safe Passage to Rendezvous Point
  • Reach Trenches
  • Follow McKee
  • Locate the Defector

Find a Transport:

  • Follow Unit to Airfield
  • Capture Enemy Vehicle
  • Defend Vehicle

Escape the Island:

  • Find Subpen Location
  • Breach Subpen Interior
  • Escape to Captured Enemy Sub

Thomas Wyatt


USMC logo United States Marine Corps

Default Weapons

Thompson Submachine Gun (unusable), Combat Knife, Hand Grenades


800px-Naval Ensign of Japan.svg Imperial Japanese Navy

Enemy Weapons

Type 100 Submachine Gun, Type 5 Rifle, M18 Recoilless Rifle, Type 94 Shin Gunto


Raft, F4U Corsair, A6M Zero, Type 97 Chi-Ha, Type 95 Kurogane, Type B1 Submarine

"See, the way I figure it, we got atomic bombs, Krauts got V-2s, the Japs have gotta have something too."


Operation Aurora is the first mission in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The player takes part in a raid on Japanese soil to find a defecting scientist who claims to have valuable information on a Japanese super weapon, later revealed as the Black Weapon. The operation was said to have been erased from USMC records to cover up the fact that they sent Marines on a suicide mission to investigate the "Black Weapon."


Battlefield BC2 ICON
"Get outta my way! I gotta save me some cheerleaders!"
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
"Autumn 1944, Sea of Japan. Not long before the atomic bomb would bring an end to World War II. A small group of US commandos were sent in to extract a Japanese scientist with war-decisive information. On October 6, at 0600 hours, Operation Aurora commenced. Twenty minutes later it was over. The fate of Operation Aurora was kept from the public. All records were destroyed. It became a myth. This is what really happened that day."

— Opening transcript

The mission begins with Thomas Wyatt on a boat along with his squad members Sarge, Faraday, and McKee. The group, along with Able squad, begin moving through the Japanese shore defenses and bunkers. After avoiding sentries, Able squad is fired upon by a machine gun nest, and the crew is killed.

The nest soon discovers Wyatt's boat and shoots at them, forcing the four man squad to dive in the water, and forcing Wyatt to lose his Thompson SMG. As a joint US Army Air Corps/US Navy air raid begins, Wyatt and the rest of the squad surfaces, and move to the shoreline adjacent to the trenches. Wyatt uses his knife to take out a guard while Faraday drowns another.

Sarge passes Wyatt the second guard's Type 100 once they get to the other side of the small wooden bridge. Wyatt then moves up into some trenches with McKee, clearing out Japanese AA gun emplacements, and then regroups with Sarge and Faraday who took the path above the trenches. They proceed to find the defecting Japanese scientist. Upon reaching the scientist, the squad hears a strange sound.

The scientist says, "The Black Weapon - it's starting. We're dead men." The Japanese cut off the squad's original escape route, and they are forced to get to a sub on the other side of the island. The Squad fight their way through an airfield and commandeer two Type 95 Kuroganes. They head to the submarine base, with Wyatt defending them with the mounted M1919 Browning machine gun on the Kurogane he was in.

After breaching the subpen entrance, the squad clear the base and board a sub taken by Red Group. When they leave port they once again hear the strange sound, except this time it is much louder. As they look back to the island, they see a huge explosion that unleashes a massive tidal wave which engulfs the sub and kills the entire crew.


See Operation Aurora/Transcript


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Walkthrough - Part 1 - Operation Aurora17:47

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Walkthrough - Part 1 - Operation Aurora


  • The operation occurs in October 1944, but the atomic bomb which is mentioned in the mission would not be tested for another nine months.
  • It was thought that throughout the level, the player has infinite ammo for all weapons. This is not the case. If you fire either the Type 100 or Type 5 randomly non-stop, you will eventually run out of ammunition.
  • The Japanese most likely would not have fixed M1919 .30 cal machine gun to their vehicles, as the M1919 is an American weapon and the Japanese never used a weapon that fired a .30 cal round during World War II, so ammunition would be scarce. This may have been an oversight by the developers, or didn't want to program a new weapon just for this level.
  • During the jeep ride, if the player looks to the right of the jeep and down, they can see Wyatt has no visible shadow.
  • During this level there are only six usable weapons: The Hand Grenade, the Combat Knife, the Type 5, the Type 100, the M1919 and the TNT.
  • Despite losing his Thompson at the beginning of the mission, Wyatt can be seen holding one during the cutscene of the squad meeting Watanabe.
  • After the Black weapon detonates, it triggers a huge explosion and a tsunami that engulfs the escaping commandos and the defector, suggesting that it has a payload equivalent to a nuclear bomb. However, later in the game in the mission Zero Dark Thirty, the weapon detonates but does not produce a similar explosion.
  • In all difficulties, this is the only mission to lack a HUD without playing on Hard.
  • This is the only mission where most weapons are not unlockable and only available in this mission.

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