Operation Riverside
End Game Operation Riverside Water

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Part of the

War of 2014


USMC logo United States Marine Corps vs.
Flag of the Russian ground forces Russian Ground Forces




Northern Iran


Countryside, Woodland


All base modes, Capture the Flag, Air Superiority


Combined Arms, Vehicular Combat


PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Operation Riverside CQ 64

Operation Riverside (Persian: عملیات کنار رودخانه) is a map featured in the Battlefield 3: End Game expansion. Each of the four new maps in End Game are season-themed, with Operation Riverside taking place in autumn, in northern Iran.

Developer NotesEdit

"This fall themed map houses an electric power substation at its center, with a small river flowing along its axis. The layout of the bases in Operation Riverside caters somewhat towards infantry action rather than all-out vehicle warfare. It’s generally speaking an infantry-friendly landscape where soldiers can go by foot between the bases, while ground vehicles need to take more roundabout roads to traverse the environment.

Across the river giving this map its name, players can find a spectacular jump in the form of a partly destroyed wooden bridge. A lot of other ramps have been carefully placed in the environment on Operation Riverside to make sure that the map is full of exciting options for riders of the new dirt bike."


Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces
Light vehicle(s)
Infantry fighting vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)
Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)
Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)
Infantry fighting vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)
Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

Flag LayoutsEdit

Flag Conquest Conquest Large
Woods A A
Gas Station B B
Warehouse C✈ C✈
Power Station D D
Outpost E E

✈ denotes Dropship flag

US DeploymentEdit

The US Deployment is located in the hills north of the gas station.


The Woods is a forested area covered with rocks and is surrounded by a small shack.

Gas StationEdit

The Gas Station is positioned along the riverbank just south of the Warehouse.


The Warehouse is a three story building, surrounded by fields and a small power generator.

Power StationEdit

The Power Station is located south of the Warehouse, in close proximity to the RU Deployment and is scattered with crates.


Like the Power Station, it is located in very close proximity to the RU Deployment and is surrounded by a few crates and an outdoor garage.

RU DeploymentEdit

The RU Deployment is located in the fields, near the Power Station and Outpost.


Operation Riverside Rush

A map of Operation Riverside Rush.


Stage 1Edit

A is located near a large rock formation at the end of the southeastern road. B is located at the base of a hillside at the end of the middle road.

Stage 2Edit

A is located in front of the gas station sitting to the side of a yellow container. B is located in the vehicle garage just west of the gas pumps.

Stage 3Edit

A is located just outside of the large, white warehouse sitting between a white truck, multiple green containers and a white and orange forklift. B is located in the southeast end of the warehouse building. It is sitting against a green container which is largely hidden from the outside by a white flat-bed truck.

Stage 4Edit

A is located within the fenced in power station on the northeast end sitting in the middle. B is sitting against a stack of pipes located to the northwest of the power station.

Stage 5Edit

A is located under the sheet metal awning sitting between two electric generators. B is in the building just west of A sitting in front of stacked yellow containers.

Squad Rush Edit

Riverside SQR

A map of Operation Riverside Squad Rush.

Stage 1Edit

The M-COM is located in front of the gas station sitting to the side of a yellow container, identical to Stage 1(A) in regular Rush.

Stage 2Edit

The M-COM is ls located near a rock formation on the hillside, very close in location to Stage 2 (A) in regular Rush.

Team DeathmatchEdit

Riverside TDM

A map of Operation Riverside TDM.

Team Deathmatch is set around the area immediately surrounding the warehouse.

Squad Deathmatch Edit

Riverside SQDM

A map of Operation Riverside SQDM.

Squad Deathmatch is set around the Power Station and Outpost, with the BMP-2M randomly spawning in four locations around the edges of the playing area.

Capture The FlagEdit

Riverside CTF

The USMC forces deploy near the power station, while the RGF's flag and deployment is located near the Outpost. Two additional dirt bikes are available in the warehouse.

Air SuperiorityEdit

Air Superiority takes place high above above the map.



  • Operation Riverside was featured in the Premium-exclusive teaser trailer for End Game.
  • If the player flies a helicopter into the out of bounds area in a north-northwestern direction from USMC Spawn, they will find a hovering mini-ship with the Battlefield 2142 EU logo on the side. It looks like a white, sleek UD-12 Shepherd. This may be a hint to a Battlefield 2142 sequel just like the inscription "2143" on various crates located on Wake Island 2014. It is also found in bounds on Capture the flag.
  • It is the only End Game expansion map not to have a Persian word in its name; similar to Epicenter of the Aftermath expansion and Armored Shield of the Armored Kill expansion.

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