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An Orbital Strike is the act of attacking targets on a planet or moon by the shooting unit in orbit around the object, rather than from an aircraft, or land-based artillery. Orbital Strikes are used in Battlefield 2142.

Battlefield 2142Edit

The Orbital Strike is a Commander Asset in Battlefield 2142. For 15 seconds, the target area is saturated with very-high-velocity shells. Each round strikes in a random location, save for one that strikes directly on the commander's target every salvo.

It is similar to the Artillery Strike from Battlefield 2, but with a larger target zone. The Orbital Strike is very effective against infantry and light vehicles, but does not do much damage to walkers, assault personal carriers, and main battle tanks. An exception to this is if a specific vehicle has been directly targeted, in which case the vehicle will be destroyed in 3–4 rounds.

The A3-Goliath IFV is capable of withstanding a direct barrage even if only one regenerative cell is operational.

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