The PK-A sight in real life. Note its similar mount to the PSO-1.

The PK-A red dot sight is a reflex sight produced by BelOMO in Minsk, Belarus. The sight is compatible with side-mounted systems commonly found on AK, SKS, and SVD-type rifles. The sight itself is comparable to many Western red dot sights, such as the AimPoint Comp M3 and Comp M4. The sight uses a single red dot within a nitrogen-filled lens setup and has eight brightness levels.

Battlefield 3Edit

BF3 pka
Slot Optics
Available on Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns
Sniper Rifles
Personal Defense Weapons
.44 Scoped
Unlocked at 350 Kills (US Assault Rifles)

150 Kills (RU Assault Rifles)
350 Kills (US Carbines)
40 Kills (RU Carbines)
30 Kills (QBZ-95B)
300 Kills (HK53 and MTAR-21)
175 Kills (US Mag-Fed LMGs)
50 Kills (RU Mag-Fed LMGs)
150 Kills (US Belt-Fed LMGs)
10 Kills (RU Belt-Fed LMGs)
270 Kills (US Sniper Rifles)
150 Kills (RU Sniper Rifles)
150 Kills (US Personal Defense Weapons)
70 Kills (RU Personal Defense Weapons)
80 Kills (AS Val)
350 Kills (US Shotguns)
150 Kills (RU Shotguns)
Default (.44 Scoped)

Magnification 297% (3.4x)
ADS time 0.333 seconds (raise and lower)
Source of statistics Battlelog (Kills)
Symthic (Ballistics)
"Common Russian mid-range scope for AK and Saiga style receivers with a Chevron reticule and 3.4x zoom; faster aiming than the PSO-1 with less zoom."

— Battlelog description

The PK-A is a 3.4x magnification sight featured in Battlefield 3. It serves as the Russian equivalent of the American M145.

Compared to the M145, the PK-A is notably less obstructive and sports a single red chevron, rather than the actual crosshairs in the M145. The chevron is illuminated, making it the easier of the two 3.4x sights to aim in the dark without assistance from another attachment, such as a Laser Sight. However, despite being a superior night-ops choice, the PK-A has no ticks or reticle markings of any kind to indicate bullet drop. The M145 does have such markings, making it superior for longer-range combat.


Battlefield 4Edit

BF4 Engineer Icon
This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
PK-A (3.4X)
BF4 pka
Slot Optics
Available on Assault Rifles

Light Machine Guns
Sniper Rifles

Unlocked at 40 kills (RU PDWs)

50 kills (RU LMGs)
90 kills (RU Assault Rifles, Carbines, and Sniper Rifles)
130 kills (RU DMRs & Shotguns) Battlepacks

Magnification 3.4x
"3.4x scope with a traditional Russian chevron reticle design typically found on assault rifles and carbines."

— Battlelog description

The PK-A (3.4X) appears in Battlefield 4 as a primary weapon optic. It is the Russian equivalent of the American M145 (3.4x) and the Chinese PRISMA (3.4x).

The PK-A now uses a circle-and-crosshair reticle similar to the Holographic Sight, instead of the chevron it had in Battlefield 3.


In Singleplayer, the PK-A appears as a preset optic on the PKP Pecheneg.


In the multiplayer, the PK-A is unlocked for Russian primary weapons through progression and is unlocked through Battlepacks for all other primary weapons.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

BF4 Engineer Icon
This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
Slot Optics
Available on All Weapons
Magnification 3.5x
"3.5x scope with a circle-and-dot reticle designed for medium to long range engagements"

— Battlelog Description

The PK-A is an optic featured in Battlefield Hardline as the PO. While functioning similar to the Battlefield 4 variant, It now magnifies 3.5x instead of 3.4x.


Battlefield 3Edit

  • An ACOG mounted on the MK3A1 once used a single red chevron, similar to the PK-A. This has been fixed in a patch.
  • The scoped version of .44 Magnum uses PK-A optic.

Battlefield 4Edit

  • The description states that it has "a traditional Russian chevron reticle", but in-game it has a dot-and-circle reticle, similar to the Holographic Sight.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

  • The PK-A is labeled as the PO (3.5x). This is likely referencing the BelOMO PO 3.5x21P as it magnifies 3.5x.

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