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Short-barrel panzer iv

A Panzer IV in real life

The Panzer IV is a German medium tank used in World War II. The Panzer IV was the only German tank to see combat over the whole of World War II, from Norway to Poland to the Battle of the Bulge and the Fall of Berlin.

During the later stages of the war, it was supplemented by the Panther tank, which was to replace it. Regardless, the venerable Panzer IV remained in service to the end of the war with Germany, and beyond in other countries. The Panzer IV depicted in-game is an Ausf. F1 variant.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Panzer IV is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1942. It is used by the Wehrmacht and Afrika Korps, as well as the German Elite Forces in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII. It is the direct equivalent (in stats) to the American and British Sherman and Soviet T-34-85.


Battlefield VEdit

The Panzer IV is featured in Battlefield V, first appearing in the Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer, as well as in promotional renders and concept art. The vehicle is the standard medium tank of the German faction. Two variants have so far been seen in Pre-Alpha gameplay - one armed with the long-barrelled 75mm Pak 40 L/43, and another with the shorter KwK 37 L/24. Both also have coaxial MG 34s. Unlike the Valentine Mk VIII, the Panzer IV has a hull machine gun that can be used by a passenger.