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Perino Model 1908 IRL

A Perino Machine Gun during World War I

The Perino Model 1908 was an Italian machine gun designed by engineer Giuseppe Perino in 1901. It was strip-fed, water-cooled, and simultaneously recoil- and gas-operated. It also permitted fast setup and teardown, and could potentially be fired nonstop. A heavy weapon at 60 pounds, a 1910 redesign reduced the weight to 33 pounds.[1]

The weapon was unusual in that it could be fitted with a magazine for its 20-round ammunition strips, topped off as room permitted. Although fed by a strip (like the M1909 Benét-Mercié), its spent cartridges were reattached to the strip as it was eliminated from the weapon, preventing loose cartridges from littering the battlefield.[2]

Fearing that its design might be copied, the Italian government classified the weapon as "top secret". Thus, it was not refined as much, and used only sparingly during World War I. However, some of its design would reappear in the Breda M37 machine gun used during World War II.

Battlefield 1Edit

This item has a Codex entry: Perino Model 1908
"The Perino Model 1908 LMG uses a hopper system where multiple feed strips of rounds can be stacked in reserve. This system allows its ammo to be quickly be topped off when firing."

— In-game description

The Perino Model 1908 is a weapon introduced in Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion for the Support kit. The weapon is unique amongst the Light Machine Guns as it is reloaded by refilling the box magazine with one 20-round strip at a time. The feed system allows for uninterrupted fire between clips. The maximum magazine capacity is six 20-round strips, or 120 rounds.

Unlike other weapons, the Perino 1908 has two stages in its reload process. Pressing Reload the first time will refill strips, topping off the hopper magazine with at least 101 rounds. If the current strip is partially spent, pressing Reload a second time will replace the strip, ensuring the weapon is completely full. An empty reload will still require a weapon cock after loading in the first strip.

The Perino is capable of firing 65 shots before overheating.

There are two variants of the Perino Model 1908: Low Weight and Defensive.

The Low Weight variant is the standard version and is fitted with a bipod.

The Defensive variant is similar to the Low Weight variant (in terms of attachments), with the exception of having an Optical Sight instead of iron sights. Instead of a bipod, it features a tripod.


Low WeightEdit




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