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Phoenix Battlelog
Disable threshold 75%
Vehicle passengers Driver
2 gunners
(3 total)
Vehicle armor None
Special features Modified armored jeep (M1114 HMMWV)
Main weapon none
Passenger weapon M2 Browning HMG
Second passenger weapon Mk 19 40mm Grenade Launcher
Second passenger weapon ammunition per reload 9 rounds
Vehicle speed Medium
Vehicle maneuverability Med - Low
"Modified armored jeep with grenade launcher and HMG"
— Battlelog Description

The Phoenix is a heavily modified HMMWV included in the Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC. It is the counterpart of the Russian Barsuk.

The 'Phoenix' acts as a light transport for troop transport, with an attached grenade launcher that has been fitted at the back in conjunction with the existing manned machine gun on top. Both of these weapons replace the remote-operated HMG on the HMMWV.

The Phoenix's machine gun has 360° coverage, but part of this view is obstructed by the grenade launcher and its collar plate. The grenade launcher only has 180° coverage of the front half of the vehicle.

Although offering more cover than the HMMWV, the gunner positions are much more exposed. While reloading the grenade launcher, cover from gunfire can be sought in the other seats if they aren't occupied.

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