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Physical Training is a collection of four combat expertise training options that a player may invest in their soldier for Battlefield Play4Free. Each increases the soldier's ability to move about the battlefield faster and safer than normal. These four are of the few combat expertise options that are available to every kit.

Power ClimbEdit

Power Climb BFP4F

The Power Climb icon.

Physical Training: Power Climb is an available tier 1 combat expertise training option. It allows soldiers to climb up ladders faster. It is of great use for Recons and Engineers as they can climb up on top of buildings faster to set up an ambush for tanks or infantry on Karkand or Oman.

Safe FallEdit

Safe Fall BFP4F

The Safe Fall icon.

Physical Training: Safe Fall is a tier 1 combat expertise training option. It increases the height at which a person can fall without sustaining damage. It can be useful for just about every kit as they will not need to deploy their parachute when jumping down from many smaller buildings as they won't take damage. Large falls, such as falling from the tower crane or hotel on Oman, will still kill a player, but medium height falls won't.

Increase Jog SpeedEdit

Increase Jog Speed BFP4F

The Increase Jog Speed icon.

Physical Training: Increase Jog Speed is a tier 2 combat expertise training option. As its name states, it increases the jog speed of anybody who holds the training. This can be useful for player who like to move fast but don't sprint often, making it incredibly useful in the tight urban combat of Sharqi.

Increase Sprint SpeedEdit

Increase Sprint Speed BFP4F

The Increase Sprint Speed icon.

Physical Training: Increase Sprint Speed is a tier 2 combat expertise training option. As its name states, it increases the sprinting speed of the user. This poses more use on Karkand and Oman for players, as both are larger and the latter is more open, requiring the need to get across the map to vehicles quicker. It also proves useful at the start of the game to get to the first flags or vehicles faster.

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