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A Pickaxe is a hand tool featuring a long, curved, tapered head, with each end being either a point, chisel, or blunt-faced. It is a common implement for working the earth.

In wartime, a soldier may use a pickaxe to dig foxholes in hard earth, or loosen material to fill gabions. Its weight and slender tip also make it effective at piercing thin armor, and so may be used as a weapon.

Battlefield 1Edit

"Useful as an engineering tool on the battlefield, pickaxes were also used in melee combat to conserve ammunition or to stay relatively silent."
— In-game description

The Pickaxe is a melee weapons available in Battlefield 1. It can inflict grievous damage against enemy infantry, and can also damage wooden objects and light armor.

It remains to be seen if it is capable of inflicting additional damage against elite classes, who wear additional armor.


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