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Battlefield 1Edit

Pigeon Carrier Artillery

Saint-Chamond (Field)


35 seconds

Special Feature(s)
  • Calls artillery strike on own position
  • Vehicle cannot be driven during strike
Pigeon Carrier Artillery is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield 1 for the Saint-Chamond Field Assault Package. Similar to the singleplayer mission Through Mud and Blood, the player can release a Carrier Pigeon which will result in an artillery strike on the player's location.

Five seconds after the pigeon's release, a fire mission of around eight airburst shells will land near the tank. The strike causes severe damage to the surrounding area, but also minor damage (no more than 20% damage) to the tank itself. This makes the ability extremely useful as a last-ditch effort when the tank is about to be destroyed or as a viable tactic for clearing out objectives. Damage against infantry is not assured, since they may be able to find hiding places within the strike area.

The tank cannot be operated by the driver from the moment the pigeon is released to the completion of the strike. Passengers may continue to fire their machine guns.

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