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The Pilot is a special class representing operators of air vehicles.

First appearing in Battlefield 2, it allows the player's character model within the aircraft to resemble that of an actual pilot of whichever nation's air force they are playing as. In all other aspects, the player retains whatever class they chose during spawn, with all chosen weapons and gadgets. In the sense that it is not available as a character class, it is similar to the flamethrower kit.

The Pilot kit reappears in Battlefield 3, this time with separate models for jet pilots and helicopter aircrew (pilots and gunners).

Battlefield 4Edit

In Battlefield 4, players that eject from an aircraft's pilot seat will continue to wear the pilot uniform until they respawn or enter a different vehicle. Chinese pilots wear blue flight suits, Russians wear olive drab, and Americans wear green-gray.


Battlefield 1Edit

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Primary weapon Pistol carbine
Secondary weapon Handgun
Gadget one • Repair hammer
• Spotting flare
• Gas mask
Equipment one Hand grenade
Equipment two Survival knife
Battlefield 1 introduces a distinct Pilot class for air vehicles.[1] Players spawning into the pilot seat of aircraft will be issued the kit, continuing to use it once they exit said vehicle.

Along with the Tanker class, the pilot's primary weapon is considered to be their vehicle, but carry a semi-automatic pistol carbine and handgun for self-defense. The rest of their kit consists of a repair hammer to maintain their aircraft, a spotting flare to signal distress (and spot enemies), a hand grenade, a gas mask, and a survival knife.

While flying their aircraft, pilots can repair some damage, an ability reminiscent of Battlefield Heroes. Lone pilots flying multi-seat aircraft can also switch between the seats. But unlike previous titles, the pilot is vulnerable for a few seconds as he maneuvers from seat to seat.


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