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The Pilum H-AVR is an anti-vehicle rifle featured in Battlefield 2142. Unlike the Sudnik VP or the Mitchell AV-18, the Pilum uses the high speed of its armor-piercing fin stabilized round to destroy its target, rather than guidance packages. It has an embedded microprocessor-driven anti-recoil system and a steel alloy structure to minimize recoil.

Battlefield 2142Edit

The Pilum H-AVR is one of two unlockable weapons for the Engineer kit in Battlefield 2142. Contrary to the description, the speed of the projectile is the same as missile(s) of Sudnik VP and Mitchell AV-18, and so is the damage. It also cannot be guided, and it's nowhere near as accurate as a sniper rifle - the accuracy when scoped is comparable to that of a scoped assault rifle. However, the lack of guidance is also the weapon's greatest strength - it's a fire-and-forget weapon which can be effectively used when popping in and out of cover, making the user much less vulnerable to enemy fire. It can also be effective against stationary enemy infantry at close ranges, as the projectile will kill any enemy soldier instantly.

The lack of guidance also prevents enemy vehicle operators from being alerted by their weapons-lock alarm. However, a fired Pilum round emits a distinctive noise that can be heard well ahead of its approach. An alert vehicle operator can bring up active defense before the round impacts.



  • A Pilum is an ancient Roman javelin designed to fracture on impact, preventing its use by enemies and adding burden to shields that block the projectile.
  • Before the game's release, this anti-vehicle rifle was known as the Koenig H-AVR. It is unclear as to why DICE changed its name to the Pilum H-AVR.


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