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"French raiders and German stormtroopers clash in an urban trench setting as the nights grow colder on the Western Front."

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Prise de Tahure (English: Seizure of Tahure) is a map in Battlefield 1. It was first announced in the "Summer of Battlefield" news post on the official Battlefield 1 website[1]. It is the counterpart to the similar Nivelle Nights post-release map addition.

Following Nivelle Nights, Prise de Tahure was made available to all Battlefield 1 players starting on January 16.[2]


Much of the architecture is borrowed from Amiens, and combat takes place at dusk. The map is sparsely lit by street lights, lanterns, work lamps, and the occasional motor carriage. Snow and icy windows suggest the battle takes place in early winter.

Trenches have been hastily dug into parts of the map. A ring of roadways links the outer areas, while the town plaza is limited to foot traffic. Save for a tramway along the bottom of the map, there is not as much infrastructure as in Amiens, although the map is still densely packed.

Along with the multi-story buildings, there are plenty of elevation changes in terrain, and generally narrow passageways between buildings leading into the center of town.

Control PointsEdit


Control Point Frontlines Conquest Domination Operations Rush
German Deployment BF1 German Empire Icon
Navarin Trench A
Delaunay Trench B
Tahure Square C BF1 Flame Trooper Icon
Schmidt Trench D
Warehouses E
French Deployment BF1 French Army Icon


Flags are arranged in a cross, with deployments at opposing ends. All flags are located in large, open areas.



  • Tahure is counted among the French villages considered lost to war.
  • During CTE testing, some buildings were found to have easily accessible roofs.
  • The internal name for this map in Community Test Environment is MP_Shoveltown.
  • The soldiers' breathing on this map can be seen condensing, including the player's own, which can also be seen in first person. This can also be seen on Nivelle Nights, and on snow maps in the In the Name of the Tsar DLC.