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Pritchard Single Player
Actor Stuart Wilde
Appearances Battlefield 1 Icon Battlefield 1
Affiliation British Army
Weapon Auto Revolver
Status KIA

Pritchard is a British character featured in the campaign of Battlefield 1. He is one of two gunners of the Mark V nicknamed "Black Bess", and appears in the chapter Through Mud and Blood.


Pritchard is the right-side gunner of "Black Bess". Although he has a sense of humour, joking with McManus over the promise of "wine, women and song" upon arrival at their final objective of Cambrai, Pritchard appears tense and full of anticipation during the mission briefing at the beginning of Through Mud and Blood.

Pritchard participated as a right-side gunner of "Black Bess" had a pigeon to which loved, was quite friendly with Daniel Edwards was a young and noble member of tank Mark V, during one of the raids the "Black Bess "gets stuck in mud and is assaulted by the German infantry. Townsend commands Pritchard to take the dove and he does so. Unfortunately, Pritchard is hit by an enemy's bullet which instantly goes to his head, killing him in the process.

In the gameplay trailer, he and the other crewmen are seen defending the tank from the inside after it is disabled and surrounded by Germans later on in the campaign.


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