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The Private Military Contractors describe the mercenaries who earn money for protecting important people or private places and corporations. The mercs are often ex-military and have little care for who exactly they're fight for.

Battlefield 3Edit

PMCs are the enemy faction in singleplayer campaign mission Kaffarov and co-op level Hit and Run. The mercenaries are well-equipped and well-trained. They speak Russian and use military-grade weapons and equipment as well as civilian cars.

The Light infantry mercs wear mainly white, olive green or dark blue T-shirts and black, tan or brown trousers. Some of them wear caps and sunglasses. They use assault rifles (F2000, AEK-971, SCAR-H or AK-74M), PDWs (MP7 or PDW-R), sniper rifles (SV-98 or M82) or even light RPK-74M machine guns and RPG-7. The Heavy infantry units wear a military-grade uniform, similiar to this worn by GIGN, but in khaki color instead of blue. They use heavier weapon, like shotguns (USAS-12, DAO-12, Saiga) and machine guns (QJY-88, M60).

PMCs also use vehicles, such as SUVs, Star 1466 trucks and Ka-60 Kasatka helicopters. Their vehicles are painted black (except of khaki Star 1466s).



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