Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Electronic Warfare Package
Tank Motion sensor
Special Feature(s)

Reveals all enemy players and explosives within 20 meters


All kits

Unlocked At

1200 EXP with any Vehicle or Emplacement

"The next technological advancement in vehicle sensors, these enhanced tracking devices mark the position of enemy units in direct proximity of the vehicle and display them on the mini map. Added security when infantry support is unavailable."

— In-game description

The Electronic Warfare Package is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Battlefield 3Edit

Proximity Scan
Coaxial HMG (MBT) Zoom Optics (AA, AH) Thermal Optics (IFV) Belt Speed (SH, Jet) Auto Loader (MA) Maintenance (TD) Guided Shell (MBT, TD) Thermal Optics (AA) Zoom Optics (IFV) Air Radar (AH, SH) Rocket Pods (Jet) ATACMS Missile (MA)
Vehicle Type


Special Feature(s)

•Vehicle-mounted infantry detector
•Active while in any seat of the vehicle

Unlocked At

• 24700 MBT score
• 7000 AA score
• 19200 IFV score
• 6500 AH score
• 7000 SH score
• 4200 Jet score
• 1600 MA score
• 10000 TD score

Customization Slot


"External sensors detect and reveal enemy units on your minimap."

— Battlelog description

Proximity Scan is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield 3 and is available to all vehicles. When it is equipped, enemy infantry in the immediate area are marked on the minimap. This specialization also works for the gunner in a MBT or IFV.

Unlike T-UGS, Proximity Scan does not ignore height and instead will detect enemy infantry within a 29m sphere. Standing still, going prone or crouching does not hide infantry from proximity scanners.

Proximity Scan does not detect vehicles.

While available for all vehicle classes, it is of little use to air vehicles. Helicopters are typically at medium range to their targets, jet fighters move too fast, and all air vehicle weapons except the attack helo gunner's cannon are forward firing. A helicopter crew attempting repairs may potentially find use for Proximity Scan as early warning against ambushers, as ground vehicles certainly do.

Battlefield 4Edit

Proximity Scan
Vehicle Type

Scout Helicopter
Attack Jet
Attack Boat
Stealth Jet
Attack Helicopter
Mobile Anti-Air

Unlocked At

• SH: 18000
• AJ: 10000
• AB: 11000
• IFV: 9000
• SJ: 9000
• AH: 7000
• MBT: 17000
• MAA: 10000

Customization Slot

• Upgrade (AB, MAA, SH)
• Gunner Upgrade (MBT)

"Scans the area surrounding the vehicle, revealing enemy movement on the minimap."

— Game description

Proximity Scan is a vehicle upgrade specialization that reappears in Battlefield 4. The specialization creates a pulsating sphere around the vehicle, as seen on the mini-map, revealing any nearby by enemy forces within the scanner's vicinity.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

Proximity Scan
"Scans the area around the vehicle and reveals enemy movement on the minimap."

— Battlelog Description

Proximity Scanner is a vehicle upgrade specialization featured in Battlefield Hardline. It reveals the location of nearby enemies in the scanner's vicinity to the player on the minimap.


  • During the Battlefield 4 pre-alpha, the specialization was called "Proximity Scanner".

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