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PunkBuster™ is an anti-cheat service provided by EvenBalance.

Many games in the Battlefield series rely on PunkBuster to prevent the use of exploits in matches.

Owners and administrators of dedicated servers can also use various PunkBuster tools to audit player activity and access global ban logs.


Many players have reported several issues with PunkBuster. Many have reported connection issues when connecting to PunkBuster-enabled servers, as well as false bans by the service itself. Many players also criticize the fact that the latest version of PunkBuster is not supplied with the game, requiring the user to manually update the service, which is also criticized by many players. Players also find other anti-cheat services like Valve Anti-Cheat (not available for Battlefield games) to be far superior. Some servers in Battlefield 3 have an alternative anti-cheat service. DICE has supposedly fixed the connection and false bans issue, but some have reported that the issues still exists, but it is not as common as before.

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