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The QF 1-pounder (Quick Firing) was the first autocannon, developed by Hiram Maxim of Great Britain. Also known as the "pom-pom" due to its iconic sound, it served as an anti-infantry and anti-aircraft weapon. It was fielded by many nations during World War I, including the German Empire and the United States, as well as their respective navies.

Battlefield 1Edit

Vehicle passengers 1 gunner
Vehicle armor Heavy (gunner exposed)
Vehicle optics AA ring sight
Main weapon 37mm QF 1 pounder autocannon
(Fuzed HE shells)
Main weapon reload time None
(Overheat cooldown only)
Main weapon firemode Fully automatic
Main weapon ammunition per reload None
(Unlimited ammo magazine)
Vehicle speed Static emplacement
Vehicle maneuverability Medium turning rate

The QF 1 AA is an emplaced anti-aircraft gun featured in Battlefield 1. Scattered throughout maps in multiplayer, the QF 1 AA provides considerable damage against all aircraft and is the most effective counter against the Airship L30.

It fires 1 pound explosive airburst shells that do considerable damage to aircraft, and are also quite effective against infantry and armored ground vehicles. The weapon has unlimited ammunition, but will overheat if fired continuously for a length of time. While it does have good range and ballistics, its shells will automatically explode when reaching their maximum range.

During the operation of the AA gun, the gunner will be somewhat protected by the emplacement's construction, but is still largely exposed to gun fire and especially accurate snipers.

It was first demonstrated at the "EA Play" event on June 12, 2016.


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