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Romfell Model 1915 IRL

The Romfell Model 1915 was an armored car introduced in 1915 for use by the Austro-Hungarian army in World War I. Built to match the armored car-equipped units of the Russian and Italian armies it faced, the Romfell possessed a number of advanced features, including angled side armor that multiplied its effective thickness, and a fully-rotating turret containing a Schwarzlose Model 07/12 on its roof. Despite its unique design, only two vehicles ever saw service.

Battlefield 1Edit

Romfell Armored Car
Romfell Armored Car Icon
Vehicle passengers • 1 driver
• 4 gunners
(5 total)
Vehicle armor Light
Passenger weapon 1x Heavy Machine Gun
(Seat 2)
Passenger weapon reload time None
(Overheat cooldown only)
Passenger weapon firemode Fully automatic
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload None
(Unlimited ammo belt)
Second passenger weapon 1x Light Machine Guns
(Seat 3, 4, 5)
Second passenger weapon reload time None
(Overheat cooldown only)
Second passenger weapon firemode Fully automatic
Second passenger weapon ammunition per reload None
(Unlimited ammo belt)
Vehicle speed Fast
Vehicle maneuverability Medium

The Romfell Armored Car is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1. It is the armored car of both the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. The vehicle can carry up to five occupants, one of which being the driver without any weaponry at disposal while driving, merely being able to sound the car horn. A gunner (second seat) operates the heavy MG turret with 360° coverage, while the passenger seat and the two back seats are both equipped with light MGs to cover the front and left/right sides of the car respectively, as such the only rear defense lies with the top turret.

All passengers are protected from light firearms by the armor plating, but vulnerable to heavy MG fire and armor-piercing projectiles such as K-BulletAnti-Tank GrenadeDynamiteA.T Rocket Gun and Limpet Charge



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