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The RGO Impact Grenade is a Russian fragmentation device that features an impact-sensitive fuse as its primary detonator. This is in contrast with time-delay fuses such as that seen on the American M67, and similar to devices like the common 40mm grenade. A secondary time-delay fuse ensures the grenade explodes about four seconds after it is armed. It is otherwise similar in construction to a typical hand grenade.

It is the third grenade available, after the default M67 and unlockable V40 Mini.

Battlefield 4Edit

RGO Impact
Bf4 rgo impact
Unlocked at

1500 Grenade score

Starting ammunition

2 grenades

Maximum ammunition

3 grenades (MP, with GRENADES specialization)

Fire mode


Special feature(s)

• Detonates on contact with a hard surface


All Kits

Dog Tags

BF4 RGO Impact Master Dog Tag

Inventory slot


"Russian RGO Impact grenade which explodes shortly after impacting a surface. A smaller grenade with a lower blast yield, two of these grenades can be carried at one time."
— Battlelog description

The RGO Impact grenade is introduced in Battlefield 4 as one of many options for the player's kit.


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