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Raid on Agheila

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII

Part of the

World War II


Waffen-SS versus SAS


11th to 18th December 1942


El Agheila, Libya




Medium to long-range





Raid on Agheila

Raid on Agheila is a map featured in Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII that was later added through a patch. The fight between the German and British forces is held at a Libyan town named El Agheila, a coastal port in the north-east of this country near Tobruk. A raid using British commandos of the SAS would likely be the key to achieving a cunning success in North Africa.


German HeadquartersEdit

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, a.k.a the Desert Fox, is situating his army using artillery and tanks to crush a landing made by the British on a landing beach overlooking the town from below. British forces will make a fight against the Germans in town doing hand-to-hand combat, but the Germans must get achieving victories here to overthrow the British plans of using commando raids and hold the town occupied.

Naval contingentEdit

The British will use their navy in contacting the operation's capture of outposts and plans in the entire raid on the coastal port. The commander for this base is British General, Harold Alexander.

Landing BeachEdit

Once the British land on here, this spawns tanks and vehicles intended to drive uphill and fight against German forces with the use of soldiers and tanks in the town square. The Germans will also use their artillery blasting to cause British casualties rising upwards. The commander here is Rommel's opponent, Viscount Bernard Montgomery of El Alamein.

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