BF1 Flag

BF1 Flag
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Battlefield 1Edit

The Raider Club is a melee weapon serving as the primary weapon for the Trench Raider elite kit in Battlefield 1.

Unlike other melee weapons in the game, it can kill or seriously injure infantry without going through a takedown—as a consequence, the user does not collect dogtags for any kills, but can quickly follow up other attacks without being locked to a single target. The weapon also has a brief "wind-up" period before it is swung, during which the user is limited to normal walking speed.

Against cavalry and most elite classes, the club does reduced damage.


  • Though the weapon is capable of killing players at full health, it may at times inflict only 99 damage.
  • Because the Raider Club does not have a takedown animation, it cannot inflict damage against the Sentry, who is immune to non-takedown melee attacks.

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