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Battlefield 4Edit

Rapid Deploy is a "Squad Loop" commander resource in Battlefield 4 that can be purchased by a Commander for three segments of the progression bar and then issued to a squad. It cuts the spawn time of a squad in half for a limited amount of time.

Judicious use of Rapid Deploy can help a squad maintain their field upgrades, and improve the squad's ability to cover an important objective.[1]

Battlefield HardlineEdit

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This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
Rapid Deploy
BFHL Fast Deploy
Unlocked at
  • Version 1.0 - Default
  • Version 2.0 - Bronze Service Star 6
Special feature(s) Allows for faster redeployment of subordinates
"Decrease the deploy time for a Squad by rerouting traffic. Version 2 scrambles the traffic controller's systems, leading to a longer duration before being purged."

— Version 2.0 In-Game Description

Fast Deploy is a hacker resource featured in Battlefield Hardline. It functions in a similar manner to Rapid Deploy from Battlefield 4, allowing teammates to redeploy faster than normal. Upon unlocking verson 2.0, the duration of the resource is increased.


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