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Red Army flag

The unofficial flag of the Red Army

The Red Army (Russian: Рабоче-крестьянская красная армия  Raboche-Krest'yanskaya Krasnaya Armiya; English: Workers'-Peasants' Red Army) was the armed forces of the Soviet Union. The Red Army started out as a revolutionary militia during the Russian Civil War of 1918-1922. After its victory and the establishment of the Soviet Union, it absorbed the Imperial Russian Army and grew to become the national army of the Soviet Union, and, by the 1930s, was one of the largest armies in history.

During World War II, the Red Army fought on the front lines against German forces in the Eastern Front. Though poorly trained, the Red Army had an advantage with numbers and defeated about 80% of Wehrmacht and Waffen SS forces on the Eastern Front. In 1946, the Red Army was renamed the Soviet Army until 1991, where the Soviet Army was separated and reformed into armed forces of different sovereign states, such as the Russian Ground Forces.

Battlefield 1942Edit

In Battlefield 1942, the Red Army fights the German Wehrmacht in historical battles of the Eastern Front.


Red Army tanks in Berlin

BF1942 RED Medic

A Red Army medic at Stalingrad


Red Army troops fighting through the streets of Berlin


A Red Army assault soldier with a DP

Engagements against the WehrmachtEdit

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Battlefield 1Edit

Red Army Edit

Introduced in Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar DLC, the Red Army is introduced fighting the anti-communist White Army in southern Russia near/in the city Tsaritsyn (present day Volgograd).

The Red army consist of largely improvised or stolen equipment (IE wearing Tsarist icon belts or the Medic wearing the same jacket as the White Army Assault), Headgear consist of black Budenovkas with flaps up or down and brown with white fur Ushankas, both with Red Stars. Wearing black Tunics, brown Telogreika (padded jacket) and brown trench coats. Pants are similar to the Ottoman Empires with cream/tan color with a red stream and boots like the other central powers.

Assault - They wear a tunic, a Ushanka and a red scarf. Their belt consist of a small ammo pouch with a shotgun shell holster underneath, their standard webbing is reinforced with X-shaped straps across the torse with a sidearm holster on his chest.

Medic - Wearing brown Telogreika (padded jacket) with a black scarf, a blanket wrapped around the torso and back like all Allied medics, Budenovka and crutches/medical bag on the back. Webbing consist of pouches and a bone saw on his side.

Support - Black tunic with X-shaped strap bandoliers, with webbing consisting of a water cateen and small pouches with a bandolier underneath his webbing. A budenovka with flaps down and a large backpack like all other Supports.

Scout - Brown Trenchcoats with black/red collars, wearing Ushanka, bandolier on his chest and webbing consisting of pouches and a sidearm holster.

Cavalry - Wearing a Budenovka : wearing a tunic and body armor with a sidearm holster. With smaller details being ammo pouches at the edge of the armor plate.

Tanker - Wearing a khaki jumpsuit with sidearm holster on his webbing and leather helmet.

Their vehicles consist of:

Their Standard issue rifle is the Mosin-Nagant M91


VS Team Map
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Battlefield 1Edit

  • The Red Army is the only faction in the entire game to not have a model for the Pilot kit because the two maps that they are featured in do not feature planes, making the kit impossible to access.
  • The Red Army reuses quotes from the Imperial Russian Army, which causes them to incorrectly refer to each other using Imperial Russian ranks.[1]
  • It is the only faction in Battlefield 1 that features a Tanker whose face is visible and not protected by chainmail.