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Reputation is a new system introduced in Battlefield Hardline that replaces the Upgrade Path system in Battlefield 4.

Players are awarded the option of choosing from two specializations, known as perks, upon reaching a certain level of threshold in the reputation system. Threshold levels are obtained by completing team actions but, unlike the Upgrade Path system, reputation is dependent on the player itself and not their squad. If the player is killed before reaching the next threshold, it will subsequently be reset for that threshold.

Once a round has ended, the reputation threshold is reset and does not carry over to the next round. Players can receive Reputation Boosts through Battlepacks. These boosts can then be used to speed up the progression between each specialization.

As of the 1.04 Patch, players can now customize reputation tier specializations in the customization menu to use upon reaching the required threshold of the reputation system.


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