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This article is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
Rhino Battlelog
Disable threshold 60%
Vehicle passengers Driver
3 passengers
(4 total)
Vehicle armor Light (open portholes)
Main weapon KORD 12.7mm HMG
Vehicle speed 45 km/h
Vehicle maneuverability Medium (9.5m turn radius)
"Modified van with remote turret and open passenger seats"
— Battlefield Description

The Rhino is a technical introduced in the Battlefield 3: Aftermath expansion. Formerly a civilian van, it has been retrofitted with armor and a remote controlled machine gun controlled by the driver to turn it into a medium/heavy troop transport vehicle.

The driver looks through the remote gun's camera, which can use zoom optics. Although the Rhino can charge through roadblocks (such as those in Azadi Palace), it does not have the mass or engine power to knock down large trees.

The side and rear doors were removed, allowing three passengers to engage targets from within, toss out supplies, or repair the vehicle. Second seat is the right passenger; third seat is the left passenger; fourth seat is the rear passenger.

Enemies can shoot through the openings, including the visibility holes cut in the plates protecting the driver. The rear opening is especially vulnerable. Hand or rocket-propelled grenades can explode inside the cab, killing the passengers and seriously wounding or even killing the driver. With the extra armor plating and sandbags, the Rhino can limit RPG damage to 28% per hit, regardless of the hit location. 





  • The Rhino is the first and only Jeep class vehicle to allow the driver to shoot and drive at the same time as all of its counterparts required a gunner to operate the weapon.

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