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A rifleman is a soldier armed with a rifle, and the most common infantry in present-day armies.

Until the late 18th century, smoothbore muskets were the standard weapon of infantry, with the muzzle-loaded rifle being a specialist weapon for marksmen. Technological advances—such as breech loading, bullet cartridges, automatic fire, and modular attachments—eventually made the rifle the standard weapon, while the musket became obsolete.

Battlefield 1943Edit

"The rifleman knows what he likes and is the best at what he does; mowing down enemy infantry with his rifle. Outfitted with his trusty shooter, he also packs a bayonet for those close encounters and a rifle grenade attachment to flush the trenches."
— Official Website Description

The Rifleman is a class in Battlefield 1943. It is mainly used for anti-infantry purposes, mainly infantry targets at mid to long range.


Battlefield 1Edit

The Rifleman kit appears in the singleplayer campaign for Battlefield 1. Enemy riflemen are typically equipped with the bolt action and self-loading rifles used by the Medic and Scout kit in Multiplayer, but without the kit's healing capability. They are the most common types of enemies and allies.

Uniforms and weaponsEdit

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