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A player achieves a roadkill in a Ka-52 on Oasis in Battlefield: Bad Company

A Roadkill is a term commonly used to describe an animal or animals that have been struck by a motor vehicle. In the Battlefield series, it is used to classify a type of player death who has been run over or squashed by a vehicle on land, water or air.


In most Battlefield games, roadkill happens when a player comes into contact with a fast moving enemy or neutral vehicle. An enemy vehicle is one that is occupied by enemies, and neutral vehicles are vehicles with no occupants. (neutral vehicles can be fast enough to kill if all occupants exit the vehicle while it's moving)

Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield VietnamEdit

In Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam, the kills are semi-difficult to achieve as a single impact from a vehicle may not directly kill a player, more so the constant ramming into them will eventually kill them. When killed, the kill will be classified as killed.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

In Battlefield: Bad Company, the player can get the "Transport Vehicle Patch" series by getting a number of "Transport Vehicle Trophy" and 2 roadkills. The player can also achieve the "Fly-by" wildcard by getting four roadkills with air vehicles in a round.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit


The Roadkill hud icon.

Roadkills are similarity obtained in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The player can earn the achievement/trophy "Airkill" in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 by Roadkilling an enemy with a helicopter or UAV.

Battlefield 3Edit

Roadkills in Battlefield 3 are obtained similar to Bad Company 2. If a player gets a roadkill with Skid Loader on either Wake Island 2014 or Gulf of Oman, they will receive the "Like A Boss" achievement/trophy.


Bad Company 2Edit

  • When inside a heilcopter, if a player jumps out, they may be "roadkilled" by the vehicle's rotors.

Battlefield 3Edit

  • The EOD Bot and MAV gadgets are also capable of roadkills. After the 1.04 (March 2012) patch, the MAV can still be used for a single roadkill, but will be destroyed upon contact and the reason of death in the killfeed is "KILLED". However, due to a glitch the MAV may survive and be fully operational, with the reason of death being actually "MAV".
  • Using the M224 Mortar will inexplicably spare its user from being roadkilled, as well as provide protection against takedowns. (Technically, the user is considered to be inside a vehicle.)
  • A player can go prone before being run over by any enemy tank and will survive unharmed if they do this in the middle of the tank's path.
  • If a player jumps out of a helicopter and is road killed by it, the game will label it as "Bad Luck".
  • If a player jumps out of a light armored vehicle before hitting a team mate, they will be killed and the game will show it as "Bad Luck".
  • Unlike in previous games, the reason of death in the killfeed for a roadkill is the name of the vehicle instead of "killed" or "roadkill".