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The subject of this article, Rolling Thunder (Co-op level), has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

Rolling Thunder (Co-op level)
Drop 'Em Like Liquid Behind Enemy Lines

Battlefield 3 Icon Battlefield 3


Middle East

  • Reach The Fort
  • Destroy The AA Guns
  • Regroup With The Attacking Force
  • Exit The Fort
  • Retain Air Superiority
  • Navigate Through The Mine Field

United States Marine Corps


People's Liberation and Resistance

Rolling Thunder is one of the four cooperative missions that were cut from the final version of Battlefield 3. It was the fourth co-op mission, taking place after Drop 'Em Like Liquid and before the also cut Behind Enemy Lines.

The only code that is present reveals that the mission most-likely involves a bomber aircraft conducting bombing runs on a PLR encampment, not unlike the Battlefield 2: Modern Combat mission of the same name. The mission concludes with players navigating through a mine field, presumably after being shot down or the game switching to ground forces after air superiority is achieved.

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