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"The combined effort of multiple US and European arms manufacturers, the SCAR 11 has become the standard issue Assault Rifle due to its robust firepower and ability to perform in cold weather conditions. The SCAR 11 maintains a high rate of fire even in arctic climates, using an integrated heat distributor to prevent apparatus freezing. Electronically-fired, each tungsten-core round boasts an impact velocity of over 800 m/s, penetrating even the latest body armor technologies."

— In-game description

The SCAR 11 is an assault rifle featured in Battlefield 2142, serving as the default weapon for the European Union Assault kit. The Pan-Asian Coalition Assault is issued the Krylov FA-37 rifle instead, while the Bofors Defense Rifle is a reskin of the SCAR 11 and is statistically identical. Like all Assault rifles in the game, it is compatible with the Herzog AR-Shotgun and PK-74 AR-Rocket attachments, in the form of a small rack that are loaded into an open slot in the top of the weapon's stock.

The SCAR 11 functions very closely to the Krylov, but differs slightly in a few areas. The SCAR has slightly higher damage at 29 and lower recoil when fired fully automatic than its PAC cousin, giving it a slight edge at medium ranges, but it has a much slower fire rate at 600 RPM compared to the Krylov's 900. The Krylov's damage drop off also ends further out than the SCAR, meaning that it can potentially out damage it at certain ranges. This means that the SCAR functions best at medium ranges, while it can struggle in close quarters against the Krylov or Voss L-AR, which can quickly out shoot the SCAR. The SCAR is also at a disadvantage at longer ranges, where it is out damaged by the Baur H-AR and the Recon's sniper rifles.

For the best performance, players should fire the SCAR in short, 2-3 round bursts at medium ranges and fire in semi-auto at longer ones. Spraying fully automatic should be reserved only for close quarters, as the SCAR has high horizontal spread and will start going off target around the fifth shot. The Herzog shotgun is a good attachment to run with the rifle if playing on a smaller map, as it can help make up for the SCAR's short range with its high stopping power up close.


  • The SCAR-11's description is the only direct in-game mention of the United States in 2142.