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For the cut Battlefield 2 version, see LP7


A SOFLAM being held by a soldier in real life.

The SOFLAM (Special Operations Forces Laser Acquisition Marker) is a laser designator for specific range-finding and locating critical targets for destruction using guided ordnance.

Battlefield 3Edit

"The AN/PEQ-1 SOFLAM allows the Recon soldier to designate enemy vehicles for precision strikes. The SOFLAM is semi-autonomous and will designate targets even when unattended."
— Battlelog description

The SOFLAM is a Recon gadget in Battlefield 3. It is deployed as a fixed weapon like the M224 Mortar, but is used for laser designation of targets for guided weaponry. Once set into a suitable area, the player can control it remotely (like the EOD Bot or the MAV). The SOFLAM is semi-autonomous and will designate targets even when unattended.

Even if other players cannot provide guided weaponry, the player still benefits from having a remote camera with which to spot enemies and range targets. The monochrome (black & white) day-vision camera has two levels of zoom. At the bottom of the display are azimuth (heading), range and elevation metrics. Once an enemy vehicle has been designated, friendly unit's damage against that target is increased. "Painting" or lasing a target with the SOFLAM will give a "target designated" bonus of 10 points. The SOFLAM allows the Javelin to lock on to air vehicles, where it normally would not be able to. Because of its higher damage, this tactic is extremely effective, especially when enemies are repairing air units in flight.

Enemies who discover the SOFLAM can destroy it, even with light weapons, so secure terrain is recommended for the device to remain intact. The SOFLAM also has an effect similar to a Laser Sight when aimed at a vehicle or person, allowing them to quickly locate the device. Worse still, it's recognizable as a Vehicle, same with the M224 Mortar, the enemy can lock on to a manned SOFLAM with their own Guided Missile/Shell.

Beam Range: 500 meters

Lock-on Time: 2 seconds

Battlefield 4Edit

"Special Operations Forces Laser Marker that automatically laser-paints enemy vehicles when deployed in a stationary position. Capable of remote operation, the SOFLAM enables friendlies with missile systems to lock on to the targeted vehicles."
— Battlelog description

The SOFLAM is a gadget featured in Battlefield 4.

It as one of two laser designators for the Recon class, the other being the PLD.[1] The range for the SOFLAM for air targets is 500m, compared to the PLD's 300m range for air targets.


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