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Battlefield 2142Edit

Sprintcor 20 Enhanced EnduranceEdit

This common unlock permanently increases the player's sprint capacity. When not wearing heavy armor, the player can sprint the maximum distance allowed. However, the player's sprint gauge recovers at the same rate, meaning extra time must be spent to recover from a long sprint.

Staminar 9 Recovery SystemEdit

This common unlock permanently increases the player's sprint recharge rate. A player with both unlocks can sprint further, and recover their sprint meter in the same time as an unaided player.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Light Spec
Ammo Hip Bandolier
Special Feature(s)

10% Sprint Increase


All kits

Unlocked At

Rank 5

"Designed to maximize the carrier's mobility during battle by employing more compact equipment options. This setup dramatically spreads load and allows for a more efficient carry."

— In-game description

Lightweight Equipment is a primary Specialization in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and is unlocked at Rank 5. It gives the user a 10% increase in sprinting speed.

Battlefield 3Edit

Sprnt icon
Special Feature(s)

Allows the player and his squadmates to sprint 10% faster


BF3 Assault Icon Assault
BF3 Support Icon Support
BF3 Engineer Icon Engineer
BF3 Recon Icon Recon

Unlocked At

Level 2 (Solo)
Level 23 (Squad)

Customization Slot


"Lightweight load bearing equipment which reduces soldier fatigue and allows a higher sprint speed. "

— Battlelog description

SPRNT is a specialization in Battlefield 3. It gives the player lightweight load bearing equipment which reduces soldier fatigue and allows a higher sprint speed; sprint speed is increased by 10%.

The solo specialization is unlocked at rank 2, while the squad-wide version, SQD SPRNT, is unlocked at rank 23. 

Battlefield 4Edit

SPRINT is a specialization featured in Battlefield 4. It increases a players maximum sprint speed by 10%. It is a part of numerous Upgrade Paths.

Upgrade PathsEdit

  • Shadow - Second Specialization

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