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The STAFF Shell in real life

The Smart Target Activated Fire and Forget (STAFF) Shell is a tank round designed to increase hit probability and damage by firing an explosively formed penetrator onto the top of an armored vehicle. The round acts like a regular shell for most of its flight. When it detects an incoming target, it orients itself and fires the penetrator.

Battlefield 4Edit

Reactive Armor Gunner Thermal
Vehicle Type

Main Battle Tank

Special Feature

• "Smart" round that inflicts damage to top zone
• Five rounds

Unlocked At

58000 MBT score

Customization Slot

Secondary Weapon

"A 120mm shell with a smart warhead that will identify enemy targets and explode above them for a critical hit."
— Battlelog

The STAFF Shell is a secondary armament for main battle tanks in Battlefield 4. While capable of direct attack, it is designed to automatically adopt a high-angle attack. It is capable of attacking armor behind short buildings or other low cover. The STAFF Shell is a soild secondary choice for player who wish to speciallize in anti-vehicle role.

Like its real-world counterpart, it functions somewhat like the MBT LAW, actually steering the shell to perform a high-angle attack. It follows an initial ballistic trajectory for roughly 100 meters, then switches to a missile-like trajectory until it detects a nearby vehicle. The STAFF Shell has some of the problems as MBT LAW has, as it may hit the wrong target, or strike the celling if the target is inside building.

While the Guided Shell cannot initially lock onto air vehicles without laser designation, the STAFF Shell is able to attack both ground and air vehicles. Unlike the Guided Shell, the STAFF Shell has no warning, the enemy vehicle won't hear the lock warning while being targeted by STAFF Shell.

Before it was patched, the STAFF Shell has an independent reload timer, much like the Canister Shell had early in the run of Battlefield 3. It could be fired shortly after switching from the primary shell type without needing to wait for the rounds to be swapped. Its reload time is now correctly linked to the other shell. Also the damage of the STAFF Shell has its damage reduced after patch, doing about the same damage as Sabot Shell; however, unlike the other tank shells, the STAFF shell will always do the same damage as it always targets the top of the vehicle.


  • The STAFF Shell is based on the XM943 STAFF developed by Alliant Techsystems.

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